Howard Hopkins is the author of more than 40 westerns in addition to many other popular series in numerous genres. Previously known under the pen name Lance Howard, Mr. Hopkins has delighted fans for decades with his gritty, action-packed westerns.

Hell on Hoofs

Arriving in Lancerville, John Laramie hoped to escape his old life as a man-hunter and settle down. But there he finds he's torn between the demons of his past and hope for a brighter future when a young woman seeks his help in getting rid of a vicious outlaw. Then the Cross Gang attacks him and the young woman's life is put in danger. But will it cost Laramie more to win than to lose in a deadly showdown?


Hell-bent on a spree of murder and mayhem, the infamous Juan Rubio Latorro, El Bandolero, strikes terror into the hearts of the innocent and bathes the west in blood. Unstoppable, he robs and kills with impunity, leaving a trail of broken bodies and destruction in his wake. That is, until he kidnaps the daughter of a powerful rancher and gets man-hunter Wade Rannigan on his trail.

But Wade is a man saddled with a death wish. Haunted by his past, he becomes reckless and bitter and is plagued by mistakes and foolish risks--the perfect target for a master bandit like Latorro.

Can Wade overcome the odds and his own failings and still bring Latorro to justice? Or will he wind up just another victim of the deadly El Bandolero?


Blood Pass

Ex-range detective Jim Duran has had enough of progress and the increasingly tamed West. But when he signs on with the Peacemaker Society for the final mission of his career, he gets more than he bargained for – a fiery Crow Indian bent on avenging a murder, a bone-freezing journey over a desolate white desert of treacherous ice and snow, and an insane dictator who threatens to plunge the United States into another Civil War.

From the midnight depths of the frozen north comes a maniacal marshal locked in a bloody battle of the past. With his murderous Eskimo deputy, he grips the Alaskan settlement of Stewell Pass in a spell that threatens terror and sudden death.

Blood on the Saddle

Jake Donovan finds himself drawn into a no-win gunfight - a mistake that drives him from the small town of Matadero in a cloud of dust.
When he returns, fifteen years later, he discovers a band of vicious outlaws have seized control of the town. With time running out, Jake must confront the specters of his past - the woman he once loved, and the wrath of the worst killers West Texas has ever known.

Haunted Pass

James Deadwood is a legend, a man with a reputation for always bringing his quarry to justice—usually in a pine box—but within hours of riding into the hell town of Autumn Pass, an ambush leaves him a bullet-ridden corpse. Sent to investigate the death of the ‘fastest gun in the West’, ex-manhunter Jim Hannigan and his partner Angela del Pelado soon discover all is not as it appears, and after Deadwood’s ghost shows up, the two are led on a trail of murder and deceit. Soon they are in danger of disappearing too.


Tired of endless days on the trail and the constant threat of sudden death, bounty hunter Duel Winston decided on the final bounty of his career before he called it quits. But John Barlow was a ruthless killer, the likes of which the West had never known. Lured to Tumbleweed, the ghost town that bore silent witness to Barlow’s reign of terror, Winston found himself trapped in a life or death battle that threatened to send him into retirement — permanently.

Vengeance Pass

Johnny Laredo is a myth, a figment of a West hungry for legend, a name whispered around campfires - or so everyone thinks. Everyone but former manhunter Jim Hannigan. Drawn to the peaceful Colorado town of Castigo Pass in search of the outlaw responsible for the murder of a banker's daughter, Hannigan stumbles into an ever-deepening mystery. Promptly jailed as a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman, his troubles don't end there. Concealed shooters, brutal hardcases and constant danger stalk him at every turn - not to mention a fiery young woman bent on revenge...

The Last Draw

Summoned to Bellstar, Colorado, by a mysterious, unsigned telegram, man hunter Luke Banner finds himself embroiled in a puzzling series of attempts on his life. But who wants him dead? And why? With more enemies than he can count, the prospects are impossible to narrow down. Is the murderous gang that is terrorizing the territory somehow connected with the reason his life is in jeopardy? Luke finds himself tangled in a web of deceit and vicious motives.

The Killing Kind

Jim Bartlett thought he could put his past behind him and forge a new life in Texas, as a small ranch owner—but he was wrong ... dead wrong. Someone from his past has followed him and is systematically trying to destroy his new life, piece by piece. With his friends and the woman he loves being threatened by a man who knows no remorse, Jim struggles desperately—not only to escape his past—but also to hold onto his life ...

Ghost Town Duel

The Peña gang ravage the southwest, plundering and killing with impunity. Until, that is, they kill Ben Morrison’s brother for a fortune in rubies. Ben considers himself a used-up former lawman, but desperate for revenge, he calls on ex-manhunt Duel Winston, for help.
Duel, though, has settled into a peaceful life of ranching, and is reluctant to risk his new-found happiness. Until, that is, the ghosts of his past come a-haunting, and he takes to the trail again.
Trapped in a hellish ghost town with a band of ruthless hardcases, Duel finds himself locked in a bitter struggle just to stay alive. And the showdown on the horizon promises to send him into retirement … permanently!

The Widow Maker

Led by a vicious hard case who kills only men, the murderous Widow Gang plunders the rugged wilds of Wyoming Territory. Death, destruction and distraught widows follow in their wake until manhunter Steve Matthews takes up their trail. But he gets far more than he bargained for! Attacked by ‘Indians’, shadowed by past vendettas and joined by a beautiful Chinese woman, Steve winds up fighting for his own life while struggling to save an entire town from devastation…