Howard Hopkins is the author of more than 40 westerns in addition to many other popular series in numerous genres. Previously known under the pen name Lance Howard, Mr. Hopkins has delighted fans for decades with his gritty, action-packed westerns.

Hell on Hoofs

Arriving in Lancerville, John Laramie hoped to escape his old life as a man-hunter and settle down. But there he finds he's torn between the demons of his past and hope for a brighter future when a young woman seeks his help in getting rid of a vicious outlaw. Then the Cross Gang attacks him and the young woman's life is put in danger. But will it cost Laramie more to win than to lose in a deadly showdown?


Hell-bent on a spree of murder and mayhem, the infamous Juan Rubio Latorro, El Bandolero, strikes terror into the hearts of the innocent and bathes the west in blood. Unstoppable, he robs and kills with impunity, leaving a trail of broken bodies and destruction in his wake. That is, until he kidnaps the daughter of a powerful rancher and gets man-hunter Wade Rannigan on his trail.

But Wade is a man saddled with a death wish. Haunted by his past, he becomes reckless and bitter and is plagued by mistakes and foolish risks--the perfect target for a master bandit like Latorro.

Can Wade overcome the odds and his own failings and still bring Latorro to justice? Or will he wind up just another victim of the deadly El Bandolero?


Howard Hopkins Westerns

Blood Creek

Fifteen years earlier five unruly sons of rich parents had committed a heinous crime against a young Ute woman, only to walk away unpunished.But, now, a ruthless killer bent on revenge is stalking those boys, murdering their wives and destroying their lives piece by piece.After manhunter Calin Travers is mysteriously attacked, then lured under false pretences to Sundown, Colorado, a town to which he swore he'd never return, he discovers himself face to face with old guilts and a vengeful killer who has marked him for death.